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Trauma-Informed Therapy

At Space for Kapwa, we are sensitive to the many forms in which human trauma can occur. From the experience of a singular life-threatening event, to the combination of countless instances in one’s upbringing of being subjugated or made powerless along micro and macro axes of power (known as complex trauma), to the inheritance of one’s ancestors’ painful histories and how they continue to play out generations later—we co-create a space of safety and bravery where those we work with are empowered to heal from their traumas.

Many people we work with come to us with trauma histories that are complicated or chronic. This is because we focus our work on communities that are historically and currently marginalized, where systemic trauma infiltrates the communal and personal levels in a myriad of ways. Our BIPOC and queer-identified therapists also have lived experience of what that is like.

We support others to heal from trauma through our attuned integration of Western and “evidence-based” trauma therapies with those that we consider more decolonized, including somatic-informed strategies and those rooted in ancestral wisdom. Our therapists have an abundance of experience and passion in the following trauma-informed frameworks:

Internal Family Systems (IFS)


Somatic theory & somatic regulation-informed interventions

Group therapy & support (collective/communal care)

Narrative therapy


Curious about how our therapists can hold a brave space for you to heal from your trauma? Book a consultation to learn more.

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