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Therapy Services

Our therapists are skilled at collaborating with you and personalizing your sessions to reveal healing practices that work for YOU. While we have collectively trained for many years in our fields and pull from a wealth of collective knowledge, we ultimately believe that our clients are the experts of what makes them well. We collaborate with you and integrate the therapeutic frameworks we love most to  suit your goals and needs.

Click on a section below to get a feel for how we approach our work through each framework or modality.

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IFS Therapy & Parts Work

Asian man and son healing inner child

Info coming soon

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Dark-skinned bigger-bodied Asian woman

Info coming soon

Therapy for New Parents

Queer pregnant couple

Info coming soon

Therapy for Systemic Oppression

Happy, queer Black person

Info coming soon

Therapy for Grief and Loss

Brown woman connecting to nature
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Frequently Asked Questions (Coming soon)

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