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Rachel Cortes, AMFT



Supervised by Kate Viernes, LCSW #80753

I am privileged to work and live on the land of the Ohlone people and the Coastal Miwoks. I would describe my therapeutic approach as compassionate, collaborative, and curious. I love to help people find the courage to lean into their discomfort. 

Before I became a therapist... I worked in the corporate confines of marketing sales. My jump to psychology was very much inspired by my own mental health and cultural identity journey. After a couple years volunteering for Crisis Text Line, I knew that helping others on their healing journeys was in the cards for me.

If I wasn't a therapist I might have loved... to be on Broadway (fueled by my passion for music and dance despite my lack of skills in these areas).

When I am not working I am... reading a library book, spending time with friends & family, or reflecting on my mood in the form of Taylor Swift lyrics.

We could be a great fit to work together if you... come from an immigrant family, would like to explore your cultural identity, struggle with perfectionism and people pleasing, struggle with self-worth and boundaries or would like to have a better relationship with feelings of guilt and shame.

My specialties include working with:

  • Filipinx, AAPI, BIPOC, and adult/adolescent children of immigrants

  • Intergenerational healing

  • Substance abuse and addiction struggles

  • Individuals who would like to explore their ways of coping that may not be working anymore

  • Teen/adolescent issues

My Western training includes proficiency in:

  • Counseling Psychology (MA)

  • Psychodynamic/Attachment Theory

  • IFS (Internal Family System)/parts work therapy

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