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Kate Viernes, LCSW


Therapist & Founder

I have held space for others in individual therapy and group support for over ten years. The deep sense of kapwa and connectedness I feel with those I have had the privilege of working with fulfills me in ways that are hard to describe. I learn just as much from my clients as they learn from me. I see myself in my clients, and my recognition of our shared humanity is what makes me an effective therapist and trustworthy partner to you on your journey of healing and self-exploration. My style is to be affirming and relatable—we may not be friends, but don’t be surprised if you feel that way about me after working together for a while (and know that I probably feel that way about you, too!). I have been especially honored and proud to collaborate over the years with organizations such as the Filipino Mental Health Initiative of San Francisco, Asian Health Services, LEAD Filipino, and several South Bay practitioners specializing in work with women and new mothers.

Before I became a therapist… and before I had a spouse and kids, I taught English to junior high school students as an Assistant Language Teacher in Okinawa, Japan.

You and I might vibe if you are… a new or new-ish parent looking to break patterns of intergenerational trauma and pass down only the parts of your culture that align with your values; a Filipina/o/x who struggles with not feeling [fill in the blank] enough; curious about creating self-compassion but don’t really know how to (yet!); on an intentional path of decolonizing and in need of support for the challenges that arise along the way; from Hawai`i too–and you know we’re gonna ask each other “what high school you went?” 

My specialties include working with:

  • Intergenerational healing

  • New parent and perinatal (pregnancy-postpartum) adjustment (including depression, anxiety, anger/rage, grief/loss, intrusive thoughts/OCD, interpersonal stress, and/or trauma related to birth, fertility, or adoption challenges)

  • Systemic/internalized oppression and cultural identity issues faced by Filipinx, AAPIs and Asian Americans, the adult and adolescent children of immigrants, and/or BIPOC

  • Life transitions (such as young adults transitioning out of school to work/adulthood; the transition to becoming a parent; adjusting to grief/loss)

  • Anxiety & burnout experienced by those in helping, non-profit, social activist/organizing, and creative/artistic professions

  • Teen/adolescent issues

My Western training includes proficiency in:

  • Asian American Studies (Master of Arts) and Social Welfare (MSW)

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) and “parts work” therapy

  • Assessment/advanced psychotherapy treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

  • Somatic theory & somatic regulation-informed interventions

  • ERP therapy (Exposure Response Prevention) for anxiety and OCD

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